UTV AUDIO + LYRICS + VIDEO : O’Mac – “Calm Down”

The most anticipated single of the year 2020 – “CALM DOWN” by O’mac, Finally out and on all digital platforms And also with an interesting video to vibe with

Obinna Charles Akorah aka O’MAC, is yours truly, Kindly follow.

‘Calm Down‘, Produced by Mekoyo is the tune for the season… Listen and Enjoy!

Watch the song official music video below

Song Lyrics:

Calm down (2x)
My name is O’mac.
Calm down (2x)

Chorus (2x): oya calm down,
Omo na u be count down,
U dey u dey scatter ground,
Number one on the count down ehhh.

Verse1: As u see me I be biggie man,
No dey form I dey livi large,
No be lie make u gimme chance,
U too fine u be half cast,
U come be like stigma,
Omo I swear u finer…
Ur beauty na final…
I know that u are special…

Refrain:: Ur ringtone,
I like this ur ringtone,
Ur ringtone,
E dey make one spend oo.

Repeat chorus

Verse 2: Hehehe excuse me,
Ego don enter man body,
No dey fear oya shake body,
6ix packs e no dey pay money,
If u hustle u go make money,huh.
Hey senior man,
Now they call me the senior man,
Everyday I dey feel u man (bad man),
I dey feel u man.

Repeat refrain…

Repeat chorus :

Verse 3: Calm down…(calm down) calm down…
They call me O’mac,
When u see me u go, (calm down) them dey calm down,
Anywhere I enter dem dey (calm down), na me dey run town,
My money no dey calm down ehhh

Repeat chorus


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