UTV AUDIO + LYRICS + VIDEO : Naira Marley – “Idi Oremi” (Opotoyi Pt. 2)

Attention all Marlians citizens, The President Naira Marley announces his brand new dance track ‘Idi Oremi’ (Opotoyi Pt. 2) dropping on Nigerian Independence Day, October 1st, 2020.
Opotoyi 2, The President Naira Marley releases a brand new single ‘Idi Oremi’ (‘My Friends Bum’ in English) Produced by hit maker Rexxie. This song is a continuation of his 2019 hit song Opotoyi which still bursting speakers and scattering parties. “Idi Oremi” is a fun-filled track, specifically targeted at Naira female fans in bid to encourage women to feel confident and to love the skin they’re in.

Naira Marley London’s underground legend, a key pioneer in the UK AfroBashment scene, fusing his inimitable Lagos accent with trap, bashment, grime and afrobeats to create a sound that encapsulates the melting pot of London’s and Nigeria’s, constantly innovative club scene shows no sign of relenting as he hits us with another infectious street tune with his recent single ‘As E Dey Go‘ still basking, topping charts and on popular demand. He continues to win the heart of his many and solidify that of the Marlians with new hit jams.

This year 2020 Naira Marley has blessed our playlist with two impressive releases; ‘AYE‘ and ‘As E Dey Go‘, something different from the street loud vibes he gave us in 2019. On the track AYE, we got to see another side of the singer as he spook the bitter truth that humans don’t like to hear. It makes you want to have a rethink about life and change somethings about yourself. Still talking deep about life with reference to his popular slang, ‘Inside Life’ and ‘Mafo’ Naira comes with ‘As E Dey Go’.

The new release/single – ‘Idi Oremi’ is set to be an easy win as Naira Marley coined the track ‘Opotoyi 2’ a continuation of his first Marlian anthem. This song will also be a part of his forthcoming EP B2DS (Belong 2 Da Streets) coming at the end of the year.

Listen and Enjoy below.


Yo!, Yo Rexxie on this one

Aiye le aiye akamara
Won fe so mi da kin shey da
Ani ope l’ope camera
Aba ma mo pe eyin na wa

Mo ni e ka e ma so be mo
Wipe Ore o kin je ishe ore
Ore ma je ishe ore
Ore n ma ta ishe ore

Je ka ma ri ra wa
Je ka ma gbo ra wa
Je ka ma sha ra wa
Je ka ma fo ra wa

Shey oko lo dun to yen
O ma ti pe mi pa
Ki la pe ra wa ni ore fun
Tin ba le mu yen pa

Idi oremi ni emi o fi si
Idi oremi opotoyi
Idi oremi o fe to yi
Idi ore mi opotoyi

O ro boya mo ti ku
O ro boya ma ti sun
O wa fe fun di mi
O wa fe wo idi mi

O fe ma taka mi
Sho le bani taka ni
Ti n ba ju banga mi
Igboro ma gbadun mi

O fe ma yi wo
O fe ma da wo ru
O da pe o tin d’oko nta
Set awon Okon’ta

O fe ma lamba mi
Shey mo jo Zlatan ni
O fe ma flatter mi
O fe ma da ogbon mu Fanta mi
Mo fun lo’yan kon shey Mother mi
O pe mi Zaddy kon shey daughter mi
Pa de mi ni Zanga mi
Ma gbagbe ganja mi
Tunde fashola ni brother mi
Won ni fi elomi shey mother mi
Mo ti mu oyan mummy mi
Mo ti ri oyan mummy mi

Mo ri pe e mo meme
Te ba mo meme e mo mememe
Te ba mo mememe e mo memememe
Te ba mo memememe e mo Memememememe

Idi oremi ni emi o fi si
Idi oremi opotoyi
Idi oremi o fe to yi
Idi ore mi opotoyi
Idi oremi ni emi o fi si jo
Idi oremi opotoyi
Idi oremi o fe to yi
Idi ore mi opotoyi

To ba sure fun e bo gbangban
Shebi o lo mo idi gbon dada
Oshe ore mi oni idi nla
Shey emi ati e le ma jo tungba
Shey idi e re abi o wo pampers
Mad! your ass they give me asthma
Ha Mo ni ko send number
Ha Why did you send Aza

Shey idi e re abi o da ogbon si
Je n fa na je n fi oko si
Mo shey 1 hour o ni o fe si
E ba ti shey tan o pe mi ni bestie
Ha what kind of bestie is that
Mo fun bestie pussy massage
Beeru Olorun, Taqwa la
E so oko fun Shaytan

Bi mo shey lo’rita
O da pe o tin je semovita
O da pe ori e fe ko j’iya
O da pe iwo omo yi tin ni liver

Idi oremi ni emi o fi si
Idi oremi opotoyi
Idi oremi o fe to yi
Idi ore mi opotoyi
Idi oremi ni emi o fi si jor
Idi oremi opotoyi
Idi oremi o fe to yi
Idi ore mi opotoyi

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