UTV ENT : The Content Makers Spicing Up The Show

BBNaija Lockdown is one show that never fails to give us content day in, day out. If it’s not relationship drama, it’s fighting over food. And that is why people love the show. Without the drama, BBNaija would be boring.

ID Africa did a little monitoring magic, it’s not magic because it’s all facts based on who you, the audience, have been talking about. Gathering data from Twitter, IG, News, Blogs, Forums and Keyhole, they were able to give us a daily analysis of the housemates the viewing public talk about the most.

We started the show with 20 housemates and right from the start, certain housemates caught our eye and well, yours too.


By the third day, Laycon was leading the conversation traffic everywhere. With over 151,000 posts about the housemates online, about 90,000 were all about him! When Laycon entered the house, he came to the live show with a cardigan that was lit up like a Christmas tree. He caught a lot of attention with his showy outfit. Mostly people making memes of him though.

Laycon has become a house favourite. People discovered his music and liked it. They also found out that he was very smart, which was evident in him graduating the top student in his faculty in university. A talented artiste who doesn’t hesitate to drop a freestyle, a smart man who tackles all the tasks and games in the house with vigour, mix in a little ‘hopelessly in love with another housemate’ spice and you’ve got a content king.

Halfway through the show and Laycon is still a hot topic for conversation. From his wins with team tasks to his complicated love story with Erica, Laycon never lacks in giving the people what they want. Now that BBNaija garners as much as 500,000 posts online, conversations about Laycon amount for over 360,000 of those posts.


Another housemate who immediately sparked people’s attention is Nengi. She is your typical girl next door – sweet, smart and attractive. When Nengi won the first Head of House (HoH) challenge, people saw the competitive side to her.

Everyone quickly saw Nengi’s luck in games as she always seemed to do well and has been on the winning side of a lot of tasks too. Saturday parties were also Nengi’s sweet spot and everyone loves to see her dancing. Then there is also the relationship between her and Ozo. It never fails to leave us amazed at how she handles him.

Despite her insistence that she doesn’t want a relationship, she has managed to keep the friendship safe and both of them are on good terms in the house. Even now Nengi still attracts a huge share of the conversation surrounding BBNaija. As conversations have over 200,000 people talking, 64,000 are talking about Nengi.


People instantly fell in love with Erica, she laughed a lot, was fun to be around and generally had good vibes. She also had a competitive streak; she was one of the first people commended by Biggie during the Betway Arena games. The crux though, was when the first BBNaija Lockdown Saturday party came around. Erica blazed a hot trail on the dance floor so it’s no surprise that about 131,000 out of 268,800 posts on that day were all about her.

She also became a two-time Head of House through winning the challenges. After that, it was a whirlwind of events from her love triangle between Kiddwaya and Laycon, to their friendship and eventual romance with Kidd and falling out with the latter. No one can say that Erica hasn’t been giving people what to talk about. Even now as her relationship with Kiddwaya seems to be reaching an impasse, watching her figure it out is a never-ending topic for the fans.


Another man of the BBNaija Lockdown house who is causing quite a stir is Ozo. He was the first housemate that was introduced on the BBNaija show and by the end of the first week, he had captured the hearts of many with his gentle way of speaking and his pretty-boy vibes.

As time progressed, he seemed to fall into an entanglement with Nengi and Dorathy where he seemed to be conflicted about who he liked more. Eventually, he and Dorathy fell into an amicable best friend relationship while he continued to pursue Nengi with vigour. He makes her breakfast in bed and is very protective and cares for her.

Ozo, more often than not is always one of the top five most talked about housemates every week. As of Tuesday, September 1, he still generates as much as 18% of the conversation surrounding the BBNaija show.


Lucy is a housemate that we can say will never be forgotten. When Lucy came, she was immediately spotlighted for her attitude towards hygiene. She liked everything clean and sparkly. Then Lucy won the second head of house challenge on Monday, July 27 and had everyone talking about her.

From about 300,000 posts all over the internet, over 90,000 were all about Lucy. Her winning the HoH Challenge saved her from evictions that week. And from then on, it seemed luck was on Lucy’s side. Even the times she made the bottom four, the housemates saved her from going home.

Even the verbal altercations she’s gotten into with other housemates seemed to have garnered her more fans throughout the show so far. Most praise her for being authentic and her ‘say it like it is’ approach. Recently, her competitive side has been shining through as she works hard in the wager tasks and all the other tasks.


He is another housemate picking up on the content part. Initially quiet and observant, Kiddwaya spent the first few weeks playing it safe. Until he decided the flex a little.

Though he may not have the best dance steps, (scratch that, his dancing is horrible) you can tell he is passionate from the way he grooves at the Saturday parties. His relationship with Erica is also another cause for conversation and the occasional trend or two. Kiddwaya is also fun to watch as his activeness picked up in these past weeks and it is good to see him tackle tasks with vigour.

These six are the top content facilitators in the BBNaija Lockdown house. If anything happens, one of them is sure to have a hand in it. We won’t deny that there are others who once in a while have our tongues wagging, so they deserve some special mentions.

Though Brighto is no longer part of the house, we cannot deny that his machinations led to some of the most interesting conversations in the house. If he’s not advising someone to “apply pressure”, he is applying pressure to semo by 1 am. Brighto gave the show some spice.

Dorathy is also someone we can’t ignore. When she walked into the house, everyone took notice. Whether it was her vibrant personality or her bountiful features, we’ll let you decide what caught your eye.

Dorathy proved to be as fun as she promised and everyone loved to be with her. Even on the dance floor, she is never lacking in dance partners as she dances with everyone who cares to. The public also loves her as she has proven to be a valuable friend, as her relationship with Ozo shows, and an all-round sweetheart.

Every housemate in their way makes the show interesting but these are the ones who have made an impact on you. Don’t just take our word for it, look at the stats yourself.

If you think your favourite housemate isn’t here, do them a favour and drive the conversation their way. With less than 30 days left in the house, it’s not too late to change the narrative.

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