UTV ENT : How Ebuka’s Table Shaking And Biggie’s Twists Add Spice To BBNaija

We’ve said this so many times, you should already know it – Big Brother Naija is the biggest and most viewed reality TV show in Africa. Its four-time host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is a major reason it maintains that spot. Big Brother Naija is also loved for many other reasons including the twists, the variety of housemates, Biggie, the fights, drama and how realistic the show is.

Ebuka’s Spice

Ebuka always brings the heat with his mouth-watering looks, sarcastic comments, wise words and ability to shake tables. For four seasons now, Ebuka has served looks at every Sunday eviction show alongside withering questions that cause confusion in the house.

This season, the housemates have proven to be more level-headed and less prone to fights so Ebuka has had to step up his game. For example, during the eighth live show this season, Ebuka shook Kiddwaya, Erica and Laycon’s triangle so hard, Laycon lost his place and a friendship that was already struggling to stay afloat was completely thrown off-course. Erica and Laycon’s shaky relationship quickly became non-existent with Erica claiming that she was completely over it because of Ebuka’s ‘innocent’ question.

Last season, it was Tacha and Seyi’s friendship that went up in flames after Ebuka’s interrogation. That bond is yet to be mended. For every season Ebuka has hosted, there’s a situation like that. While it may seem bad that his line of questioning causes drama, it is actually for the best. It adds some much-needed spice to the house when things seem to be unchanging.

Fans love those moments and it’s just proof that Ebuka is a master at his job as Biggie’s right-hand man.

Biggie’s Twist

Another reason the show holds the attention of the whole continent is its twists. Biggie loves to keep fans and housemates alike on their toes. It’s very difficult to become comfortable with the way things in the house are handled as Big Brother is always changing things up.

Each twist is deliberate and structured to shake up the housemates enough to create a new narrative or better content. This season, Biggie has created twists with the eviction processes and even with his position as the host of the house. First, he allowed the housemates to decide who would ultimately get voted out and then he took that power from them. In the final weeks of the show, housemates only have the capacity to nominate their contenders for possible eviction.

In week 5, Biggie also took a week-long vacation and left control of the house in the hands of the Head of House (Kiddwaya), even though Big Brother is always watching. In previous seasons, he created twists with the housemates, bringing in new housemates mid-season, recruiting fake housemates and even fake-evicting other housemates.

With Biggie, you never know what to expect, and that uncertainty breeds excitement that keeps you coming back for more and glued to your TV screens.


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