UTV ENT : Erica Tells Big Brother That How Vee, Lucy Tried To Get Her Disqualified

Erica has tagged Vee and Lucy’s attitude towards her leadership as an attempt to force a reaction from her that could prompt her disqualification.

With one strike to disqualification, the week’s head of house, Erica is understandably on edge especially around housemates she’s had disagreements with.

During a recent diary session, the actress housemate revealed she’s had a tough week which has been made harder by Lucy and Vee.

While recounting her Thursday afternoon squabble with Lucy, Erica told Biggie that the housemates are aware of her dicey position in the house and will do anything to see her disqualified.

Lucy, on the other hand, opened up to Biggie about her communication challenge with housemates. She also revealed how the housemates may be to blame for all the disagreements involving her in the house.

Lucy is up for possible eviction on Sunday alongside Trikytee, Laycon, Vee, Kiddwaya and Nengi.

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