UTV SPORT : Bayern Munich Striker Robert Lewandowski Has Some Bizarre Superstitions

Pep Guardiola once described Robert Lewandowski as “the most professional player” he had ever worked with, adding “he thinks about the right food, sleep and training 24 hours a day.”

And when Guardiola talks about the Bayern Munichstriker’s intense preparation, he really isn’t exaggerating. In fact, the 32-year-old has a number of bizarre superstitions that he adopts as he continues to maintain his phenomenal performance levels.

Many of these interesting rituals are detailed in an in-depth read from Jonathan Liew in The Guardian. For starters, Lewandowski eats his dessert before he tucks into his main course when he sits down for a meal.

It’s said that plenty of Bayern colleagues have understandably raised an eyebrow as it seems a bit odd, but it turns out there is method to the madness.

Lewandowski’s other half, Anna, a karate champion who specialises in nutrition and the idea is that because that sweeter, sugary foods are digested quicker, re-ordering meals ensures they don’t mix with other food groups such as proteins and carbohydrates.

It’s said that the Polish striker also takes this approach in a bid to burn fat quicker.

But his rituals don’t stop there. Not only does he put on his left boot first before a game following a chat with a psychologist that urged him to stick to the same routine, he also only sleeps on his left side.

This particular change was suggested to him by a sleep therapist, the feeling being he is taking care of his deadly right foot that has scored so many of his 246 goals in a Bayern shirt.

We’ve all seen he loves a bit of Tik-Tok in his spare time, but you might not know that the former Borussia Dortmund man also does brain training exercises to help with his concentration.

On the basis of what we’ve seen from him this season, it would appear as though Lewandowski’s methods are working. Just the 55 goals in 46 games in all competitions, including 15 in Bayern’s run to the Champions League final.

The decision to scrap this year’s Ballon d’Or feels especially cruel on Lewandowski, who would have been a worthy winner after a stunning season which could yet finish with a memorable treble triumph.

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