UTV SPORT : Kingsley Coman Reveals Who Is Faster Out Of Alphonso Davies And Kylian Mbappe

Two of the fastest players in world football will come up against one another in Sunday’s Champions League final in what will be quite a challenge for the cameraman to keep up with their lightning pace.

We’re of course talking about boy-wonders Kylian Mbappe and Alphonso Davies, who could well be involved in a serious foot-race as Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain lock horns in Lisbon.

Both have clocked in at more than 36km/h as far as top speed goes this season but who is faster?

Kingsley Coman is in a good position to answer given he plays

with both speed demons at club and international level respectively – and he reckons Davies, the quickest player in Bundesliga history, is faster.

“He is very fast as well but I think Alphonso Davies is faster,” Coman said in a press conference.

Davies has been nicknamed ‘the FC Bayern roadrunner’ by teammates Thomas Muller after seeing the Canadian display his ridiculous pace up and down the left flank on a whole host of occasions this term.

It’s clear that Mbappe is also blessed with pace to burn and so the thought of the two going up against one another in the biggest game in club football is an exciting one.

That’s the exact view of Alejandro Moreno, former Venezuelan footballer-turned-pundit who is chomping at the bit to see the pair do battle.

Speaking on ESPN, he said: “We always see Alphonso Davies go on the attack down the left-hand side and the pace with which attacks, so sometimes [Ivan] Perisic tucks inside and opens up that space for Davies, who times that run very well.

“He gets past the defender like he wasn’t even there. But if Alphonso Davies is doing that and Mbappe is getting in behind the space he just left, where is the pace for recovery for Bayern Munich?

“If indeed it becomes a duel of pace between Mbappe and Alphonso Davies, now we’re talking. It’s true speed versus true speed.”

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