UTV GOSSIP : Actor Jigan Recounts How His Mechanic Tricked Him Into Selling His Car For N300k

Yourba actor, Jigan Babaoja has taken to his Instagram page to recount how his mechanic tricked him into selling his car at a very low price.
The actor also warned the public to be wary of mechanics as some of them take advantage of their customers using charms.

Jigan revealed he sold an Acura car for 300k to a mechanic in Ibadan when the real worth of the car is 1.4 million.

Taking to the photo-sharing app, the actor shared a post which reads:

“Letter to my mechanic that used jazz for me to sell my Acura to him that year in Ibadan. I remember you.”

The actor also captioned the post with the words;

“Don’t trust all these mechanics. Talking from experience. All the trouble I am to face ahead of my life, you don carry am o.

“Acura worth 1.450 sold it for 300k and you collect my car. The thing just dey pain me this night”.

See his post below:

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