UTV ENT : You Are Ugly, Fix Your Face Like Your Buttocks – Kaisha Blasts Nengi As They Nearly Come To Blows

A heated argument between Big Brother housemates, Kaisha and Nengi, has led to tension in the reality show.

The drama, which ensued over boiling water, got the atmosphere in the house tensed and housemates hurling insults at each other.

The issue began when Kaisha said she saw water plugged in but wasn’t boiling and decided to fix it properly, however, Nengi who thought she disconnected it snapped at her.

This led to both housemates hurling insults at each other while others tried to separate them.

They almost got physical on several occasions before other housemates pulled them apart.

Nengi, while insulting Kaisha, advised her to fix her character while Kaisha equally asked her to fix her face just as she fixed her buttocks.

“Nengi: Kaisha go and work on your character. You are shapeless.”

“Kaisha: Go and work on your face like you worked on your ass. You are a useless attention-seeking girl.”

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