UTV JOKES : Abeg Laugh Away Your Sorrow

Abeg laugh away your sorrow 😂
1.You got her pregnant and you say it was an accident, bros biko when did ur sperm start attending driving school☺😂😂
2. . I created a female FB account today and chatted my dad, he told me he is single and had no kid

Papa why😂
3. Have you noticed that your brain speaks more English than your mouth?👭

4. Assuming the 12 Disciple were selected from Nigeria which state is Judas from?
Mine: Warri🤖

5. Ladies! Stop mocking prostitutes if u’re dating 2 or more guys. The difference is u’re in a private sector while they’re in public

Please guys is this no be true?

6. Love will just make you see your boyfriend as the most handsome guy on earth , breakup and see how ugly the idiot is, Babes I hope we are together.👰👰

7. Some boys will wake up 2am to pee and they will post “Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep” Mumu man, Who are You Deceiving???👀

8. Do you ever just stare at an incoming call as your phone rings, waiting for it to Hang up so you can continue using your phone???

If yes, You are evil with passion.

9. Hausa songs are always in hurry..That makes me wonder if the artist is using a stolen guitar”

10. Nigerian parents be like “remind me to buy u cane bfor we go home” Am I mad?”

11. 1…I’m selling chicken and goats at a cheap prices,if you’re interested please come at night cos people in my village don’t like my success

12.*TEACHER: Akpos, why didn’t you do your home work?*

*AKPOS: Because I’m Homeless.*

13… The guy barbing my hair just had a call from his girlfriend and they broke up now now…you need to see the way I look now

14…Your parents are still together. But when you are asked “who your favorite couple is?” you’ll say it’s “Jay-Z and Beyonce” after all the school fees. Tell me why the thunder should not strike you

15…I am very grateful to myself, my talent will upgrade today again I have learn how to open pot without any sound, I will just lift the pot and carry it in my room and close the door, I am self made I will not have to be looking around like I have Lost something*

16…I bought meat when I went to my girlfriend’s house,when she was cooking I heard bae “run my father is coming,I just went to the kitchen and take my meat and run

did i offend anyone💁🤷🤷 *

17..Just for me to check if iPhone 11 pro max will size my pocket dey start shouting thief*

*Nonsense People*

18… Me: Come and sit on the bed so you can be comfortable.

*Virgin: No I’m ok here on top of the Wardrobe*

Virgins of today

19. Please the match that India won Nigeria 99:1 and ball use to turn to lion head,

*who has the video clip?*

20..He calls you whenever it’s raining and you are glad to go. Eiiiii Sister Blanket, Almighty Pullover, Beautiful Umbrella, Lovely Sweater, Sister of Shield, Eno Warmer…*
I hail you. Well done. Your canes are being soaked in petrol for the appointed time.

May the stars of those that will read this jokes like and comment on it shine brighter 🔆 in jesus name. AMEN

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