UTV JOKES : Today Launch

Today’s Launch…
1-Rudeboy once sang”chop my money yeye cause i don’t care,cause i get am plenty”nd nw he is sayin we should “reason with him” chai guys are so unpredictable,can’t stick to their promise.
2-ND wat abt kissdaniel that sang “com to my bedroom cassava dey 4 you” i wander if his bedroom is a farmyard.
3-Now fireboy sang”party scatter”before nko why wouldn’t they scatter when they have seen fire.
4-When Lucky Dube sang”there will be no schools anymore”we thought it was a joke not knowing it was a prophecy that will come to pass.
5-Timaya sang”i can’t kill mysef”and Rudeboy replied”Why you want kill yoursef”i wonder wat is goin on.
6-Nigerian mosquitoes will not just suck and go they will still sing their occultic music, i dont know who cares.
7-how do cockroaches survive in a microwave oven? even when warming ur food they will be goin in like Shadrack,meshack and Abednego.
8-Even though i walk through the shadow of low likes and comments i will never stop posting.
*Which was your favourite*


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