UTV JOKES : Put Some Smile 0n Ur Face Jare

Put Some Smile 0n Ur Face Jare!🤣😂

1″ I can’t marry someone that I can’t gossip with o, me that always have breaking news both local and international.😂🤣
2″ If You Like Send Calabar girl Transport Money” She go Use Leg Come🚶🚶🤣🤣😂
3″ Hey! Look at me very well!
I look like gentleman for ur eyes?
Try carry plate of rice pass me again for wedding ceremony!🙄
4″ The beauty of a Lady on Social media, depends on the kind of phone she’s using😂🤣
5″ A woman is not stupid if she doesn’t ask u for money she’s just testing your levels of selfishness.Ladies is the volume okay🔊
6″ As long as Jesus doesn’t have a Facebook accounts
I won’t Amen anything 🙄🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
7″ Who else grew up thinking that satan lives under the ground??🤣😂
8″ U are a virgin, you are a virgin, and so what? Who cares, and u think any company will hire someone without experence🤷‍♂️ 🙄
9″ I think some married men needs uniform because Ring is no longer working Nowadays!🤔
10″ Kissing her in argument to shut her up is not for naija gals dey will even talk right into ur mouth and even bite ur tongue🤷‍♂️🤣
11″ Some women are not romantic I swear, men will tell them I love you, they will reply, “Wow Really? thanks 🙄😏
12″ I miss those days weN girls cooked like thier mothers
But now they drink and get drunk like thier fathers😂🤣
13″ On my wedding day any girl that is more Prettier than my Wife will be sent out bcos i hate confusion 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂🤣
14″ Ladies don’t let a man who drinks Sminorf Ice abuse you. Talk to him, woman to woman.🙅🤣😂😂
15″ Have you Noticed that guys who press instrument in the church don’t give offerings 😂🤣
16″ DOCTOR: Do you exercise daily to keep healthy? AKPOS: Yes doctor… I play football and tennis daily.
DOCTOR: Good! How long do you play?
AKPOS: I play till the battery on my phone goes down.
17TEACHER: Akpos, pay attention to what I’m teaching or get out. Akpos stands up and as he was walking through the door the teacher asked…
TEACHER: Where the hell are you going?
AKPOS: I don’t have money for attention sir.
18″ Mr Jude was charged to court for beating up his wife.
JUDGE: Why did you hit your wife with a CHAIR?
Mr Jude: Because I couldn’t lift the TABLE.
19″ ROMANUS: Honey, do you know people consider me as God?
WIFE: (surprised) No dear. Why?
ROMANUS: Wherever I go, people always say, “Oh God! You are here again!”.
20″ During a lesson, Moses yawns extremely wide.The teacher tries to make a joke, “Moses, don’t swallow me!”Moses replies, “Don’t worry ma, I don’t eat goat meat.”
21″ Akpos went to the doctor, “Doctor every night in my dream, I am always playing football.” Doctor say, “Take these pills, they will help you sleep better.” Akpos replies, “I can’t take them, tonight is the final game.”
22″ KWAME: I don’t know why people find it difficult to be faithful to their spouses and partners. Paul: I can’t even imagine it. I have never cheated on my six girlfriends.
23″ When you spent the whole day with her and she update her status 👉”What a Boring Day!🙆🤣😂😂
24″ Camera quality can make u think some ladies are not ur level but if u meet them, u go know say they need sub😝
25″ Is your boyfriend treating you well or I should drop my number?🙈
26″ D effort yhu put in finding money for abortion, if u put it in business who’s dangote 😂 😂 😂
27″ During My Secondary School Days Our First Aid Box Had Koboko Inside😂😂😂
28″ My Friend stop masturbating,who knows if that wasted Child can invent a phone that can browse for free🤷
29″ Welcome to Nigeria where girl’s borrow makeup and dress, just to visit a guy who borrows room from his friend🙆🤣
30″ That Moment When You And Your Father Is Arguing About Football And He Says Pogba Plays Better Than Messi And You Mistakenly Replied 👉”See This Mumu oh.” 🙆🤣😂

Hope you really Enjoyed it😂🤣 “Pin Out Ur Favorite… please show appreciation by Liking my facebook page plssss🙏😭 love you all!!😍😘


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