How to use Glo blackb erry bis subscri ption plans on Androi d / How to Get Glo 6GB For just # 2K

Most of us are aware that Glo network offers 3gb for @1000 on their BB BIS but keep reading. Airtel 2in1 offer provides you with 2GB data to
last for 60days but we both know it cannot even last up to 14days. This Glo data subscription which am about to give you an insight on is not a
tweak but it’s quite a simple common sense.
How Can I Have this Glo 6gb for 2K?
The main information here is that Glo do not roll over any remaining or unused data when it expires, but when you renew the subscription
before the data expires, your remainingdata will be rolled over starting from the supposed expiration date. I did a subscription some days
ago while having 1GB left of my BIS data to expire in the next 15days time (as at then), the
new data I subscribed for was activated therefore giving me 4gb plus 30days added to
the previous 15days meaning my active data will now expire in 45days time. Isn’t that awesome?
Now here is the trick, Activate your Glo Bis by sending Comonth to 777 on your blackberry phone, #1,000 will be deducted automatically
and your BIS will be activated for you. After some hours, recharge #1000 and subscribe
again, a new BIS will be activated and your new
final data expiration date will thus be extended to 60days with your new data
balance of 6gb intact.
To know your data balance anytime, dial *777*0# Can This Work on PC, Android &
iPhone? At the moment, this will only work on PC & iPhone when you tether them with your Hotspot from BB10. Another procedure to make it work on Android exists but for now I will share the safe one.
To make Use of your Glo Bis on Android, observe the following
Slot in your Glo sim in a BB phone (It must be on 3G at the moment) Send comonth to 777 then wait for some minutes to receive your activation message (3072mb).
Browse with the activated BIS on that BB for about 3mins (download is allowed)
Power off the BB and remove the sim card. Now insert the sim into your android.
Now configure your droid with the APN: blackberry .net save and activate it.
1. Switch on your android’s data
connection (H will not display yet).
2. Power Off your android again, remove the sim card inside your BB (ensure the APN is set to blackberry .net )
3. Then insert the sim card inside the BB again (and make sure it is on 3G here also and display the usual BB BIS active sign beside it) and browse for
some minutes (if possible download) Then return it back to your android mobile and keep surfing.

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