My Husband Has Married A Second Wife Secretly; I Am Dying

The stress some women go through in marriage is sad and, sadly, they pass through such because of other ladies who are interested in their husbands. Below is the story a married woman sent to Bunmi:
My husband took a second wife without my knowledge.
We’ve been married for seven years and still remain childless due to his own fault (doctor’s report). I heard from the grapevine that he took a second wife over a year ago. The irony of itall is that he claimed to be single, so the other woman doesn’t know of my existence. What do I do? Does he still deserve my love? At times, I feel like running away. I hurt and stay awake every night he stays away. I am dying in silence.- from Bola
Here’s Bunmi’s advise to Bola:
Have you really confirmed that your husband has a second wife by asking him?
It’s amazing the unnecessary pain we put ourselves through because of lack of dialogue. Men could be as emotionally strung as women. The fact that your husband can’t give you a child must be devastating to him and some men in his shoes have happily accepted other men’s pregnancies to save face.
You obviously still love your husband and you need to seek urgent medical solutions to your childless state. Lastly, you too have to decide if you love your husband enough to stay married to him without the prospect of a child. The longer you leave these soul-searching questions without seeking answers, the more frustrated you’ll become.

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