Why My Relationship with Yvonne Nelson Crashed – Ice Prince

Ice Prince is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most successful and internationally recognized rappers.Hislove lifeas also been kept out of the spotlight .However,last year, he was rumored to bein a relationshipwith YvonneNelson..Reacting to this during a recent appearance on the Truth with Olisa Adibua, he confirmed it and briefly gave a reason why it didn’t work out ..He said..
“It just didn’t work..She is a very busyperson.She was way busier at the time “On being criticized by some as being too commercial to be called a serious rapper
“I knowhow torap and I know how to rap real good. I don’t care what people say. But I’m amusician. I’m an all round musician. MI taught me how to write songs, arrangevocalsand structure music. So I am more aboutmaking music, I jump on anybeat. I hate to be put in a box as a rapper “

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