ENOUGH VITAMINS FOR THE GRAVE!!! – A Must Read For All- @mayourspeaks

Its quite an age I posted articles. I was kind of worried last night and wondering what got over me…I buried myself in a deep reflection.
In a couple of seconds,I heard myself lamenting audibly “Enough Vitamin E, P and F For The Grave”.
It took me time to gather momentum from this unconscious state of mind. I actually took my time to break things down. I know you’d be wondering what vitamin does the grave receives and what the ‘hell’ vitamin E, P and F is all about.
I came to realize that thousands of souls go 6-fit down daily with awesome abilities.
Numerous men of great destiny had their last breath every minute without fulfilling destiny. Both infants and adults with. reservoirs of potentials go to the grave with their endowment here and there.
Now, the graveyard becomes the most precious place in the world.
This set of people diedUNFULFILLED. Aside the cases of premature death and/or sudden death, there are still some who are capable of making changes before their last breath but will not due to ignorance.
This has always being my vow;
“I wasn’t born empty, I am born with great reservoirs of potentials, but I will make sure I die empty. I won’t enrich the grave”.
Before I go further, I said something about certain vitamins most ignorant dead body enrich the grave with. They are;
• Vitamin P (Potentials)
• Vitamin E (Endowments)
• Vitamin F (Fulfillments)
Its a pity that massive number of people enrich the grave with these vitamins. Many are unconsciously a victim. Funny enough, the grave as NOTHING to do with these destiny, its add no nutrients to the graveyard soil, so tell me, why do you still need to die with ‘What’s In You?’
If you still fall a victim of enriching the grave after reading this piece, you’re guilty before God who deposited theses things in you and before Man.
Genesis 1:31 says;
“And God saw everything he had made, it was good”
the bible further explains;
“For you’re wonderfully and fearfully made”
Can you now see you’re not born for the sake of being born. God created you perfectly and deposited something great in you. Discover the yourself today to avoid enriching the grave someday.
I weep each moment I see youths,adult who missed it in Life, I almost missed it, I almost. Lost focus.

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