Boko Haram Shoots Army Brigade Commander

These terrorists are really getting out of hand. I just hope Boko Haram wont take over government one day in this our country called Nigeria. As you read this, Boko Haram have shot and injured the acting Brigade commander of 23rd Brigade in Yola, Adamawa State.
Colonel Popoola was shot in the shoulder in the thick of a battle to regain control of Hong and Gombi in the troubled Adamawa from the Islamist militant sect. An army source in Abuja said the senior army officer has been evacuated to UCH Ibadan where he is expected to receive better and further treatment in the coming days.
Several soldiers were reported to have died in the battle. And according to top military sources, at least 300 Boko Haram members were killed died in the battle.
The sad thing is that Boko Haram members don’t wear bullet proofs but our soldiers with bullet their proofs often drop their heavy weapons and run into the bush…
Colonel Popoola, before he was shot three days ago, reportedly led a new crop of soldiers drafted from Jos into battle against the insurgents in a renewed battle to retake towns from Boko Haram. According to SR, the troop was able to recover two armored tanks from the militants at the end of battle.
The military claimed to have regained control of towns today in a short tweet.
Meanwhile, four commanders have been arrested for deserting their troops during the Monday fight that earned Colonel Popoola a bullet to his shoulder.
The arrested soldiers include:one Lieutenant Mohammed, the QRG commander of 234 battalion; 2nd Lieutenant UC Uche, Platoon commander of Bravo Company of the 234 battalion; Captain Lawal; and Lieutenant Buraji who is Mararaba platoon commander. The four and one other Captain Lawan were led away in handcuffs yesterday and locked up inside the military police guardroom at the 23rd Brigade in Yola Adamawa state.

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